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Desjardins Signature Service

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Desjardins Signature Service serves the financial cooperative’s affluent clientele. A first for Montreal, the service centre is located within Complexe Desjardins in the city’s downtown core. The Signature Service space is enveloped in a chiaroscuro design across its ​​3,000 square feet, delivering a unique and distinctive experience to its users. The luxurious and cozy environment houses a reception area, five financial advisory offices, two meeting rooms for clients and adjoining service areas. At the entrance, an evocative mat black passageway adorned with noble materials welcomes clients and leads them towards an exclusive Signature Service experience. Geometric brass inserts punctuate the transitional area, which culminates in contrasting white plaster; the sculptural relief suggestive of the honeycomb calls to mind Desjardins’s trademark logo. Gold-hued lighting and fine furnishings from Quebec and across Canada complement the singular niche of comfort and elegance.

LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
AREA: 3 000 sq. ft.
COMPLETED: October 2016

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