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IBM - Client Innovation Centre (CIC)


Montreal’s newly-designed IBM Client Innovation Centre (CIC) is now offering an inspiring and dynamic work area to its employees that conveys IBM’s agile work style. Created by Ædifica, IBM’s redesigned work environment is home to its new culture, the core of the concept being the notion of Live, Work and Play, which focuses on bringing together entertainment and daily work.

Within the workplace are open, unassigned collaborative work areas, sectioned with free standing energetic and colourful glass walls dually used as writable surfaces. A wayfinding strategy is played out through the designation of colour, patterns and graphics-defining purpose and function. The concept of the new work environment is anchored around a spine where IBM’s employees are offered project rooms, collaborative areas, a relaxing regenerative area, which also offers entertaining opportunity, a bistro and an outside terrace, a distinctive element for a workplace environment at the sixth floor of the Place Bonaventure.

Through its design, this new working environment is more responsive to the way IBM’s people work today, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
AREA: 32 000 pi²
COMPLETION: August 2018

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