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M3 Financial Group


M3 Financial Group had the desire to relocate its head office to downtown Montreal and provide a workplace that would have a positive impact on the performance, experience and behaviour of its employees and customers. To do so, Ædifica's workplace design experts were mandated to design this new living environment. The main objective was to enhance the user experience while promoting the firm's brand attributes in the new environment.

Pioneers in the mortgage broker industry, M3 Financial Group is at a pivotal stage in its business expansion. To ensure its success, the concept drivers for this living environment were founded on a rigorous reflection process based on five pillars: entrepreneurial culture, wellness, technology, transmission of knowledge and definition of the status quo. This collaborative process helped guide our work by understanding M3's real needs and concerns, and thus ensure the viability of our project.

For starters, the new space had to meet the company's values. The new workplace had to reflect the dynamism of its occupants while promoting and supporting the entrepreneurial culture specific to the profession and the activities of a financial advisor. Therefore, the premises were designed to encourage exchanges through the development of collaborative workspaces and multifunctional spaces where social and interpersonal interactions are facilitated. This flexible environment allows for immediate reconfigurations to enable and accommodate training sessions or ad hoc work teams.

Workplace wellness is no longer a trend, it must be the number one priority for workplace design strategies. Indeed, providing a work environment where personal life and work are intertwined in symbiosis increases workers' efficiency and performance. Consequently, it was very important to provide a healthy and positive environment which promotes the wellbeing of its employees.

As soon as visitors enter the space, they notice the omnipresence of the brand's identity. An accent wall made of corrugated white oak slats lacquered in the company's colours captures the visitor's attention, while a facade for the reception area, with their laser-cut logo on a steel plate, welcomes the user, giving a striking first impression and immersing the visitor in the enterprise’s universe.

He is then invited to pursue its journey to the coffee lounge where a raw steel staircase with geomorphic patterns, a true art masterpiece, has been set up. The classy, uncluttered and vitrified environment offers a significant amount of natural light which contributes to the wellbeing of its occupants. On the upper floor, a bistro featuring a ping-pong table and flexible furniture offers M3 Financial Group's talents a space for relaxation and networking. The rooftop terrace offers an exceptional view of downtown Montreal and contributes to the personal happiness of its users.

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
AREA : 2214 sq.ft2

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