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Groupe Aldo


Aldo Group wanted to centralize all of its corporate services at its new head office in Ville Saint-Laurent, while promoting optimum synergy between its units. The concept illustrates the company’s identifying landmarks. At the centre of the atrium are an olive tree and a huge wooden shell crowned with two wide glass bead curtains, a nod to the wooden clogs that were the first bold trend launched by the company. An uninterrupted thread of light creates a path around which collaboration and interaction areas, completely enclosed in glass, and closed offices are arranged. All along the path is an annual series of quotes to inspire the brand management culture inherent in the activities of Aldo Group.

LOCATION : Montréal, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
AREA : 210 000 sq. ft. (19 509 m²)
INTERIORS : Aedifica
BASE BUILDING : Gross Kaplin Coviensky

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