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Dentons Montréal


Two floors of Place Ville Marie were magnificently transformed as part of a vast renovation program for this venerable law firm, which has 170 years of history behind it. The reception area provides a memorable experience right from the start. This is followed by a gallery decorated with contemporary pieces of art on satin mirror walls which creates an invigorating contrast while serving as a transition between the reception area and the conference centre. The latter is equipped with the most recent technologies and with etched glass partitions that afford privacy without sacrificing light. The simplicity and sobriety of the work spaces promote concentration and precision. Carried out in phases to allow the firm to keep operating, this series of spaces clearly illustrates the brand image of Dentons Montréal.

LOCATION : Montréal, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
AREA : 70 000 sq. ft. (6 503 m²)
DESIGN TEAM : Aedifica, Moureaux Hauspy

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