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Campus Simons


The project involves the creation and construction of a new, state-of-the-art, multi-service fulfillment centre for Maison Simons, a large chain of retail clothing and home decoration stores. The new Distribution Centre and adjoining office space facility for e-commerce and digital teams, for a total area of 53,420 m2, is located in the Quebec City surroundings. Named Campus Simons, it offers an inspiring and architecturally modern design.

The design of this living working environment aims to establish a seamless interior pathway between the Distribution Centre and the offices in order to create an efficient, flexible and dynamic work environment, where users can meet and collaborate, like the spirit of a real campus. The idea was therefore to create gathering places that would encourage synergies between all employees and transmit the values of La Maison Simons through efficient and inspiring layouts in which everyone feels empowered.

Inspired by the fashion industry, the architectural concept revolves around the symbolic themes of modeling and weaving and promotes architectural cohesion and occupant wellbeing. A pattern of interlacing threads adorns the concrete outer walls, creating a subtle rhythm that suggests a high technology setting and high-speed e-commerce data processing. The two-story grand atrium entrance depicts its Quebec heritage by using traditional ash wood slats to drape its welcoming space, surrounding the modern warehouse feel.

The workplace environment concept developed for Maison Simons, is based on four key design strategies: embracing nature by creating a living environment connecting the outside to the inside, celebrating work collaboration; providing a wellbeing environment which empowers end users; while capitalizing on sustainable strategies and authentic materials.

The social heart of the office — an indoor lookalike terrace garden setting — invites employees and visitors into nature and is open to an impressive green wall located on the second floor. The design supports the wide range of needs and expectations of employees by offering multiple experiences and amenities, such as an open and welcoming bistro, with an outside terrace in full view, a natural extension to the outside in. The facilities also include a large graphically orchestrated photo studio, a call center for e-commerce, operation and marketing offices and various setups blooming around the space. The employee experience and flow of each space instigates openness, inclusivity, and a sense of community, embracing Simon’s values and culture.

The project was designed according to the principle of consistency, with the aim of striking a balance between landscape and architecture. Also, the project followed bioclimatic design principles, with conceptual emphasis on solar orientation and its bioenergy contribution to indoor comfort. Furthermore, special care was given to selecting renewable and environment-friendly materials, as well as to maximizing performance and energy efficiency. As a final point, this project’s green construction strategy in harmony with the natural surroundings is equivalent to a LEED certification and a testament to the site’s sustainability and the quality of its environmental footprint.

LOCATION: Quebec, Quebec, Canada
AREA: 34,000 sq.ft.

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