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Montreal01 / 9


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Formerly located on Nun’s Island, the satellite office of Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) occupies a space in the downtown core that, at first glimpse, does not seem appropriate for a typical office layout (in a condo tower): a narrow U-shaped configuration with ceilings of non-standard heights interspersed with oversized columns. In designing this sophisticated space, our experts drew inspiration from such unusual architectural features as a protruding overhang above the street, with spectacular views, as well as amplified ceiling volumes, rough columns and polished floors. The versatile open area is laid out to derive maximum benefit from generous natural light; users benefit from a functional and inspiring daily route offering confidentiality zones, collaborative and interactive spaces, a bistro serving as the office’s gravitational hub, and workstations set up along the perimeter. Nothing was left to chance to allow workers to concentrate: carpeted hallways, acoustic tiles above workstations, and double glass partitions.

LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
AREA: 16 000 square feet
COMPLETION: October 2015

That same year, Ædifica helped BRP fulfill its new vision of the work environments within the Valcourt and Sherbrooke offices. Drawing on its planning expertise to support the team of designers, architects and engineers already in place, Ædifica refreshed the spaces, making them flexible and versatile, and especially suited to collaboration and increased well-being for staff.

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