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Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (RMTA)


Our goal in designing the new Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (RMTA) Headquarters was to improve the well-being of the organization’s employees while introducing a more collaborative, open-area work environment that would break down silos.

We invited the RMTA into a participatory and immersive process that would help us truly understand their needs. It became clear that one of the RMTA’s principle goals was to hold the majority of their meetings internally. So we came to believe that it was essential to design functional collaboration spaces that included superior technology. At the same time, we realized that function and technology wouldn’t be enough if the organization’s goals were to be reached.

We believed that it was crucial to remind employees and stakeholders of the RMTA’s mission: to develop an integrated and accessible transportation network for all. So we imbued the space with cues about the mission: fluid and natural networks have been designed to optimize the circulation of its users. We emphasized lacquered panels in the shape of arches that evoke a train tunnel leading, among other things, to the converted bistro.

To optimize the collective well-being of its employees, this significant workspace targets LEED-CI and WELL certification through the implementation of strategies that promote the well-being of its occupants in a workplace with a low environmental impact. These strategies include: spaces dedicated to relaxation and rest for employees, strategies to improve access to natural light and optimize acoustic comfort, integration of the biophilia concept and an increased in energy efficiency. Being one of the first WELL project in Canada, this project becomes a powerful opportunity to catalyze the built space as mechanisms to deliver health and wellness benefits to all people within them.

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
AREA : 30 000 sq.ft2

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