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The five-hectare urban project that now makes up Technopôle Angus required a complete redevelopment of the site so that it could employ workers again and become a part of the community’s social fabric. Advanced environmental criteria were defined by Ædifica during the design of the six buildings, including: sustainable deconstruction and construction, construction waste management, and the use of recyclable and renewable materials, as well as a passive solar wall, efficient building envelope and sunbreak system. The plan included bicycle access and a reduction in parking area to create more green space, which is not watered or fertilized using chemicals. In January 2008, Technopôle Angus received the first LEED-ND (neighbourhood development) gold certification in Canada.

LOCATION : Technopôle Angus, quartier Rosemont, Montréal, Québec, Canada
DESCRIPTION : Conversion of an industrial site into office complex
AREA : 420,000 sq. ft.
SUSTAINBLE DESIGN : Leed-ND gold certification
DATE OF PROJECT: 1998-2011

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