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Esplanade Clark - IDP workshop

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ædifica is leading a series of training workshops on Integrated Design Process (IDP) as part of the Quartier des spectacles Esplanade Clark development project, which includes a multi-services pavilion and an outdoor skating rink. The IDP workshops, involving some 40 stakeholders, were launched in September 2016 and will be held through 2017. They are based on the principles of “Integrative Process (IP) ANSI Consensus National Standard Guide© 2.0 for Design and Construction of Sustainable Buildings and Communities” – a process that is relatively new to Quebec but that also falls within the LEED-v4 certification program. The IDP is based on a holistic approach that looks at a building’s entire lifecycle, from design and construction to operation and occupation—the goal is to establish a consistent, effective building method at the outset. Identifying opportunities and constraints early in the design process helps create synergies between the stakeholders, fosters ongoing value optimization of leads to a comprehensive project design tailored to the client’s real needs.

LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: Integrated Design Process Workshop

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