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Aérogare de Kuujjuaq - LEED-NC silver Certification


Acting as green building consultants, Ædifica carried out a study and then suggested a number of innovative strategies to make the new Kuujjuaq air terminal an example of Nordic construction. The compact, aerodynamic shape of the building reduces wind resistance to a minimum. A solar wall with photovoltaic panels was built to create a cavity for heating outside air and generating electricity from solar energy. The clerestory in the centre of the waiting area is used to control the amount of natural light and to collect heat from low-angle winter rays. A thermosiphon passive cooling system was installed under the building to prevent the permafrost from thawing. The new Kuujjuaq air terminal has become one of the first green buildings in the Far North.

LOCATION : Kuujjuaq, Nunavik Territory, Canada
NATURE OF PROJECT : Eco-coaching
BASIC BUILDING ARCHITECTS : Fournier Gersovitz Moss Associés
QUALIFICATION : LEED-NC Silver level certification

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