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606 CATHCART - LEED CI Silver Certification


Ædifica is a leader in sustainable development, which is reflected in both its practice and its work environment. The design concept for its new offices was based on a stripped down structure. The design decisions were guided by the optimization of natural light: the open work areas benefit from ample fenestration, while the painted white floor slabbing maximizes the diffusion of natural light. The lighting fixtures are energy-efficient and low-mercury. The materials selected were chosen on the basis of their recycled content and proximity to place of manufacture. The majority of the furnishings were reused. The offices were recently awarded LEED-CI silver certification.

LOCATION: 606 Cathcart, Montréal, Québec, Canada
NATURE OF PROJECT: Corporate interior design
QUALIFICATION: LEED-CI silver certification
FLOOR AREA: 25,000 sq. ft.
DATE OF PROJECT: 2009-2010

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