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Espace pour la vie


Espace pour la vie is the new name of Montreal’s revamped nature museums. The ‘Space for Life’ brings together the Biodome, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. As Canada’s largest natural sciences museum, it challenges visitors to rethink nature and science in terms of biodiversity and sustainability. With almost 1.7 million people walking through its doors each year, the client was looking for a powerful signage solution that could reflect and promote the new visual identity in its spaces and throughout the premises. Also, the four sites had to be programmed in compliance with Olympic Park regulations, which added another layer to an already complex project. Ultimately a two-pillar concept was devised: a system of identity steles (to mark entrances) and another of directional steles on the street (to guide the visitors). This unique life space is emblematic of Montreal as a forward-thinking city.

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