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Studio Blackbox


An actor in the urban renewal, Blackbox studio is both a living and a work place. A loft occupies the ground floor while the upstairs is a photography studio. Designed based on a photographic potential, the window configuration and layout are planned to maximize sunlight and photo shooting opportunities, taking into consideration factors such as angles, setbacks and framing. Each floor is organized around a center core that defines the spaces. The focus of the ground floor is the kitchen, which is customized to allow video/television filming, while on the first floor, the cyclorama rests against the technical room and is the main feature of the five meter high space. Ceilings on both storeys are equipped with anchor points and power outlets to accommodate filming sessions. Materials and textures contrast each other, increasing their intrinsic qualities, adding depth to the space and providing diverse background settings for photo-shoots. The rear indoor spaces are visually extended to the outside, lengthening the perspective. The black brick façade evokes the back of a camera, with the large top window as its viewfinder.

LOCATION : Montréal, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Extension of existing building and interior design
SURFACE AREA : 3125 ft²

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