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Renewal of the Marché Central


This major urban undertaking consists of the overhaul of Montreal’s Marché Central legacy power centre, a 42,8-hectare site located along l’Acadie boulevard, between highways A40 and the CP and CN railway lines. The project included the long-term vision for the gradual transformation of the site into a mixed-use TOD destination serviced by 2 train stations on the North side of Chabanel street as well as the short-term densification of the Southern portion of Marché, by reclaiming the former Montreal Maraîchers site.

QuadReal Property Group, a Canadian real estate investment, development and management company, has mandated Ædifica to reposition the Marché Central by transforming a site currently designed for motor vehicle use into a more vegetalized, friendly, welcoming and optimized living environment for its users.

The project plans for an intensive diversification of the retail mix with a variety of store typologies and scales, themed around healthy and active lifestyles, all things food and eco-friendly landscapes. The plan provides for a hotel, family-oriented amusement center and spa, community services as well as coworking spaces.

LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: Urban design and revitalization of an existing site

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