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Locoshop Angus


The terms of reference were to rehabilitate an industrial site by transforming a former locomotive repair shop into a building ready to house various R&D businesses. The main challenges of the project were to conserve the heritage value of the building, to apply green principles as design parameters subject to budget limitations and to a performance objective, and to apply and coordinate green strategies in the interior architectural and electromechanical designs, particularly the choice of systems, in order to ensure the highest quality interior environment for occupants. The Angus Locoshop was named the number one eco-friendly industrial building in Canada.

LOCATION : Montréal, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : conversion of an industrial site
SIZE : rehabilitation of 137 993 ft² + interior fitout of 67 005 ft²
DELIVERY METHOD : design construction
SUSTAINABLE DESIGN : GBT2K gold level, first ecological industrial building in Canada

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