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Groupe Dynamite - Atrium

Mont-Royal, Québec, Canada

Located in one of Mont-Royal’s industrial parks, Groupe Dynamite’s Atrium sits between the retailer’s head office and distribution center. The objective was to establish a permanent link between the two buildings and create a bright, flexible and dynamic space for staff to meet, collaborate, learn and eat, making it the company’s new exchange hub. The project cleverly repurposes the empty courtyard that initially separated the two buildings.

The Atrium features a glue-laminated timber structure that echoes the industrial aesthetics of the existing buildings. This structure not only addresses Dynamite’s desire to favor the use of local and renewable materials that have a low environmental footprint, but it also creates a warm ambience within this mostly open and luminous space. Simple yet proportional, the Atrium is characterized by its sleek shape, an advised architectural detail. The site’s aesthetic minimalism also enhances the beauty inherent to the wooden elements present throughout the structure.

The Atrium itself houses a 2 000 ft2 creative space, a 6 000 ft2 cafeteria as well as a 1 800 ft2 multifunctional space that can be used for conferences or training seminars. These areas are equipped with custom modular furniture to allow Dynamite to host events such as fashion shows. The inner courtyard’s landscaping conceals views of the atrium from the street. The landscaping concept is then carried inside the space with green walls installed along the existing brick demising walls. At the back, a steel and glass staircase leads to an outdoor patio located above the multifunctional conference centre.

LOCALISATION : Mont-Royal, Québec, Canada
SURFACE AREA : 9 260 ft²
COMPLETION : April 2014

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