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Montréal (Griffintown), Québec, Canada

The Griffin housing cooperative is located at the intersection of Wellington and Murray streets. The 12-storey family-friendly building contains 86 units. It is designed according to sustainable development criteria and complies with Novo-climate energy performance standards. At once sleek and eclectic, the building’s look and feel is a nod to triplex-type housing typical of Montreal’s former working-class neighbourhoods. Built on four independent bases connected at the 4th floor, the cooperative offers residents and visitors alike an interesting architectural path. The opening between the bottom floors allow for a street-level conversation between user and neighbourhood. They create unique corridors to and from the public space made up of a courtyard and clubhouse, and promote movement while enhancing the living experience.

LOCATION: Montréal (Griffintown), Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: New construction
JOINT VENTURE: Atelier Raouf Boutros Architectes and Ædifica
AREA: 22,000 square feet of living area

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