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Carrefour de l'Estrie


Ædifica, in partnership with Ivanhoe Cambridge, was approached for the repositioning, expansion and interior design mandate for the Carrefour de l'Estrie, while coordinating the input of lighting, signage and vertical transportation consultants for the entire project.

Carrefour de l'Estrie wanted to enhance and modernize its commercial environment with new façade design and the positioning of new entrances to revitalize less frequented areas of the shopping centre. Using multiple studies and scenarios for the areas to be requalified, our experts worked with Ivanhoe Cambridge's leasing team to identify new tenants for all the new areas affected by the rental domino effect.

Among other things, our concept relies on lighting adapted to the space's physionomy, the addition of green areas, the revitalization of finishes and coatings, and the relocation of certain shops, all with the goal of optimizing the user experience and revitalizing the building's urban footprint.

Exterior landscaping will help to harmonize the interventions while greening the surroundings of the building which has already been undertaken with the interventions of recent years on the site. The project includes the integration of several landscaped areas, including trees and vegetation, around each intervention zone. These green spaces promote a more user-friendly interface with the urban space and the pedestrian scale, in addition to contributing to the greening of urban spaces and the reduction of heat islands, in accordance with our sustainable innovation approach. A large architectural canopy marks the new entrance while accompanying the pedestrian route along the facades. Ultimately, the goal is to reproduce these gestures of outdoor development on different key areas of the Carrefour to create a harmonious whole and enhance the dialogue between the building and its urban context.

Due to the large number of interventions on the Carrefour's façades over the years and the motley nature of the materials used, the current project offers a rather sober and nuanced palette of materials and textures, intended to integrate into the whole and last over time.

Location : Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Area : 901 928 sq.ft²
Type of intervention : Expansion, renovation and interior design
Date of completion : December 2018

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