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Centropolis - T Building

Laval, Québec, Canada

Located on St. Martin Boulevard West in Laval, the T Building is a 6-storey office tower with an underground parking lot, retail tenants on the ground floor (restaurants, cafés, financial institution, etc.) and floors that were designed to offer modular and flexible layouts to the tenants. Depending on the expressed needs, the floors can thus be subdivided into various office spaces or be occupied as a single lot.

Certified LEED CS, level gold, the project includes an energy-efficient curtain wall. Furthermore, a green corridor, which acts as a “rain garden” by retaining some of the building’s rainwater, crosses the outdoor parking lot. Special attention was given to the landscaping around the parking lots in order to create a pleasant environment for those frequenting the office tower itself. The T Building’s contemporary and sophisticated architectural statement is most notably illustrated by the wooden marquees that border the main entrances.

The T Building is the first constituent of a master plan which aims to develop the southwest sector of the Centropolis retail park.

LOCALISATION : Laval, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : New construction
SURFACE AREA : 120 000 ft2
COMPLETION : November 2014

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