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Times Square, New York, USA

Winner of multiple honors and awarded STORE OF THE YEAR 2011 by the prestigious Retail Design Institute, the SnackBox is established in iconic Times Square, New York. The Pop-Up restaurant is a modern-day reinvention of the old-fashion canteen and was created from a shipping container. Its visual identity and brand were inspired from its environment and conveys that ‘’New York personality’’. Easily movable and self sufficient, the upper section of the walls pivot upwards, transforming into cantilevered steel awnings and provide shelter from the elements. Inside, working within the physical limits of the container, space was carefully planned and evaluated to optimize all useable space. At night, the SnackBOX vanishes back into its cube, ready to redeploy in minutes, bright and early the next morning.

LOCATION: Times Square, New York, NY
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: Pop-up restaurant serving New York style gourmet Street food
AREA: 8ft X 20ft X 8ft 8in
DESIGN TEAM: Aedifica, Muvbox
AWARDS: Store of the year 2011, first prize ''temporary retail / pop-up" and award for "sustainable design" - International Store Design Competition 2011 - Retail Design Institute

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