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Montréal, Québec, Canada

MuvBOX reinvents the traditional canteen. Using a recycled, solar-powered shipping container, MuvBOX turns into a full-fledged restaurant, complete with kitchen, counter and patio—all at the push of a button! After hours, the pop-up resto closes up and becomes a container once again, but with an edgy twist: MuvBOX by night is an objet d’art with cheerful murals splashed across its exterior panels. A modern take on the classic American street food truck, MuvBOX boasts a contemporary aesthetic and a sleek design complemented by quality cuisine and an eco-friendly vibe. Its cutting-edge technology turns the gourmet canteen into a portable box that fits inside a shipping container. And since it meets international transportation standards, it can travel abroad, by land or by sea.

LOCATION: Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
DESCRIPTION: Pop-up restaurant
SIZE: 8 ft. x 20 ft. x 8 ft. 8 in.
CO-CRÉATION: Aedifica, Muvbox
DATE: 2011

After its first installation in Old Montreal, the concept has been successfully reproduced in Toronto, Paris and Time Square, in New York.

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