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Nathon Kong Experience


Located on the Belgo floor in the heart of Montreal's Quartier des spectacles, Nathon Kong redefines the purchase of the high-end suit into an invitation to a journey of senses through the land of Asia.

Like a story inspired by those of the Forbidden City, China's vast 15th century imperial palace, the Nathon Kong space carries the client into a particular universe where time stands still and where sensory experience and artwork meet.

The journey is divided into three acts: choice of a unique work of art and selection of an exclusive fabric, digitisation of body prints and presentation of the final piece.

The sumptuous gold, a colour used exclusively by the great Emperors in ancient China, permeates the space, symbolizing the brand's exclusivity and prestige.

Signed by Nathon Kong, painter Amélie Morency and Ædifica, the space is a unique immersive experience.

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to discover the Nathon Kong experience through the words of Ædifica's founder, Michel Dubuc.

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
AREA : 1200 pi.ca.

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