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Club Monaco

Canada, USA and abroad

Ædifica has been working with high-end fashion brand Club Monaco for nearly a decade, overseeing the rollout and renovation of some 30 boutiques in Canada and the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Through a long-standing collaborative partnership with the client’s in-house store planning teams, Ædifica provides full-service management, from design and coordination to the construction and opening of its boutiques around the globe. The firm has accompanied Club Monaco across three generations of store design, starting with the brand’s original industrial textures to a more modern, contemporary look and most recently to an upscale and inviting space where luxe and warmth coalesce. Ædifica’s work with the client has run the gamit from post-acquisition support and transformation (it is now owned by The Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.) to the planning of minimally intrusive renovations.

LOCATION: Multiple across Canada, in the USA and abroad
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: Interior design coordination and adaptation, architecture, minor and major renovations, construction management

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