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Desjardins Mobile Branch

Québec, Canada

Designed by Ædifica, in collaboration with Loki Box Design, Desjardins’s first Mobile Branch offers all the financial services one would usually find at a caisse – only in a 12-metre wide bus. The small space is warm and functional but also features a confidential space for meetings with advisors. Several design elements were borrowed from the transportation sector including fabric-upholstered walls, comfortable sofas and practical rounded surfaces, and a durable exterior coating.

The design concept took into account other spatial considerations to ensure, for example, that the ATM did not take up too much space and would allow for a smooth flow of people. Housed in a used Novabus, the mobile branch is fitted with solar panels and batteries in an effort to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

Watch the making of the Desjardins Mobile Branch.

LOCATION: Québec, Canada
OPENING: June 2016

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