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Fairview Pointe-Claire © Drew Hadley01 / 8


Pointe-Claire, Québec, Canada

BonLook recently opened its first concept boutique at the Fairview Shopping Centre in Pointe-Claire. With a fresh take on eyewear, the innovative boutique delivers a unique, friendly and hassle-free shopping experience that complements the image of the Montreal-based retailer. Our designers took inspiration from the small space to design a minimalist layout with floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls. The benefits of this solution are three-fold: customers never have to look for a free spot to try on the frames, mirrors reflect and enhance the models on display, and the space appears larger than it is. A harmonious blend of marble and wood, enriched by the expansiveness of mirrors, highlights the brand in both its physical space and its virtual in-store buying process. There is no cashier counter in this novel approach: customers carry out their transactions online, like they would if they were shopping from home or a café. Human interaction is more relaxed and the experience more rewarding.

LOCATION : Pointe-Claire, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
LIGHTING : Lambert et fils
ACCESSORIES : Larose Guyon
WOODWORK : RCM Architectural
SURFACE : 325 square feet
OPENING : March 2016

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