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Canada and the United States

Assisting Birks since 2014, Ædifica is responsible for deploying brand stores, including interior design adaptation and all planning and site execution phases. To date, Ædifica have been deployed more than 20 stores for this client in Canada and the United States. A “shop-in-shop” concept has also been developed for the brand in Florida.

Birks, Phillips Square (Montreal)

The new Maison Birks store concept offers a fresh take on the house’s heritage and redefines the jewellery shopping experience. The new design enhances original architectural details from the store built in 1894, offering contemporary touches that include a lighter colour palette, modern fixtures, increased natural light and an airier layout that allows for casual browsing.

Birks, Yorkdale (Toronto)
Iconic Montreal-based jeweller Maison Birks has launched a new store design targeting younger customers, including a bridal section geared towards Millennials. Yorkdale’s Maison Birks relocated from a nearby space and spans almost 3,000 square feet. It stocks products ranging from the edgier ‘Rock & Pearl’ line to classic Canadian diamond engagement rings.
Offering a warm prestige and refreshing experience, customers are invited to enter the store from a supersize diamond shaped skin that drapes the upper volume of the storefront, creating a rich backdrop for the curtain wall. The main selling area with pods and stations, at the front of the store, is organized around a geometrical carpet that draws from Birks iconic blue boxes.
Celebrating craftsmanship, the traditional artisan "savoir-faire" is ingrained in the detailing, design and proportions of the walls, fixtures and displays. Authentic materials and elegant combination of natural oak, walnut, stone and steel introducing warmth and intimacy. The proportions, scale and rhythm of the space are comfortable and inviting. Accent lighting walls along the perimeter highlight the colors and textures of the walls.

Birks, Carrefour Laval (Laval)
Now open in the Carrefour Laval shopping mall, the new Birks store enjoys an enviable and busy location. Our designers’ detailed choice of materials and careful revamping of the lighting strategy have transformed the new space into a vibrant setting that reflects the brand’s warmth and its refreshing qualities: diamond ceramic mosaics, an impeccable use of wood, bright display cases, furniture punctuating the different zones of the store, a redesigned consultation area, and more. The project involved several design challenges, such as the store’s unconventional shape, its many columns and the need for blending the façade of the store in with the mall architecture. The end result is an iconic store that transports visitors into the inspiring world of Birks.

LOCATION : Montréal, Québec, Canada
Interior design
SURFACE AREA : 7 700 sq. ft.
OPENING DATE : June 2018

LOCATION : North York, Ontario, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
SURFACE AREA : 2 800 sq. ft.
OPENING DATE : October 2016

LOCATION : Laval, Québec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Interior design
SURFACE AREA : 2 650 sq. ft.
OPENING DATE : July 2015

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