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Adidas SLVR

SOHO, New York, USA

An elegant mixture of contemporary esthetics and ecological conscience, adidas SLVR is a new line of sports clothes specifically designed for clients who are seeking perfection, pure and simple. The concept embodies the principle of efficient sobriety. The white decor is enhanced with touches of silver. The materials used are an assortment of recycled items, such as wood and leather, as well as elegant finishes like glass and polished steel. At the heart of this refined universe, pieces of the SLVR collection are set out on transparent display stands. Signs designed with great attention to functionality make it easy to find the size one is looking for. A true ode to simplicity, the SLVR environment clearly and subtly conveys the values of adidas’s new high-end brand.

TYPE OF INTERVENTION : prototype design, interior design
AREA : 2 000 sq. ft. (185 m²)
DESIGN TEAM : Aedifica, Sid Lee

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