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Adidas Originals


Interactivity is the primary driver of the new environment of Adidas Originals boutiques. Focused on the essential values of the brand, i.e. creativity, originality and authenticity, the Workshop concept transforms the store into a blank canvas that encourages customers to express themselves. The mid-Originals toolbox area gives them a chance to design a personalized pair of shoes, while the trefoil wall, a gigantic international photo album, invites them to leave their individual mark. The success of the concept arises from the new presentation tools and the creation of different families of furniture for the various collection categories. The workshops will be set up in the major cities of the world, in the heart of neighbourhoods that artists love to visit.

LOCATION : Soho, NY, USA; Berlin, Allemagne
TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Prototype design, interior design
AREA : 3 800 sq. ft. (353 m²)
DESIGN TEAM : Aedifica, Sid Lee

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