• Une 5e position pour les stramliners lors de la course red bull boite a savon 40 1
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The StrÆmliners come in fifth at the Red Bull soapbox race

Thanks to the team's remarkable energy, the StrÆmliners came in fifth at the Red Bull soapbox race on September 6, with an astounding time of 28.26 seconds at the finish line! Despite the extreme heat and the stress involved in an event like this, the Ædifica team members wowed the 25,000 spectators on Beaver Hall Hill with their top-notch racing car and the driver's agility during its crazy descent. Bravo to Nicolas in particular, for his bravery and wicked driving skills!

The team members put in close to 600 hours of work to build the soapbox car and design their helmets and costumes.

"The StrÆmliners' concept was unique! Inspired by heroes of the past and present determined to test the limits of speed, the soapbox car's aerodynamic design set it apart from the rest." - Edwin Strik, Team Captain

See the race, as recorded with the driver's GoPro!
Watch the interview conducted by Global TV one week before the race.
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