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Ædifica on four wheels

Desjardins launched its first Mobile Branch: essentially, a bus that offers all the financial services you would usually find at a Desjardins caisse. Designed by Ædifica, in collaboration with Loki Box Design, the mobile caisse is a 12 metre-wide bus donning the Desjardins brand and colours. It's a one-of-a-kind project for the firm and a new outlet for its design talent.

The idea behind Desjardins's Mobile Branch is to serve clients with reduced mobility, including the elderly living in residences and long term-care facilities. Desjardins is also reaching out to prospective new members at college and university campuses and at different workplaces. The mobile caisse’s destinations are determined according to demand. It is based in the Lower Laurentians, but can travel within a radius of up to three hours within Quebec. The pilot project runs from August to December. If it generates enough interest, and business, other buses may see the light of day and serve many more regional customers.

Watch the making of the Desjardins Mobile Branch.

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