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Final touch on the Maison symphonique

The Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique was inaugurated on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. This step was the culmination of the monumental Maison symphonique project! The Maison symphonique de Montréal organ was created for the OSM, the organ's owner, by Casavant Frères in collaboration with architecture firms Ædifica and Diamond Schmitt for the visual design. It is a grand orchestra organ and bears the number Opus 3,900, being as it is the 3,900th made by the Saint-Hyacinthe organ builder since its founding. The organ comprises 109 registers, 83 stops, 116 ranks and 6,489 pipes. It is named Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique, in tribute to the founder and first general manager of the OSM (from 1939 to 1970). This music lover and shrewd businessman took over from Antonia Nantel, wife of Athanase David, who served from 1934 as secretary on the board of directors of the Société des Concerts symphoniques de Montréal, the OSM's predecessor.

The acquisition of this organ was made possible thanks to the generosity of Jacqueline Desmarais, who assumed the total cost of the organ and, through its name, wanted to perpetuate the memory of the unequalled contribution of Pierre Béique to the OSM's mission of excellence.

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