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Laurentian Bank Career Station: a unique way of shopping for a job

Laurentian Bank has posted record growth over the past five years, and intends to hire 100 candidates a year during the next five years to meet the recruitment requirements of its branch network, client contact centre, and its corporate sector.

To design this new facility, the Bank worked in collaboration with Aedifica to develop this unique recruitment centre creating the Laurentian Bank Career Station within the most travelled station in Montréal’s subway network: Berri-UQAM.

The space is divided into three principal zones. The first constitutes a most innovative recruitment centre featuring interactive terminals where candidates also have the opportunity to sit down with recruiters in a relaxed setting, with no appointment necessary. The second zone is a branch in and of itself offering a full spectrum of transactional services and financial advice. Finally, visitors can make use of the client contact centre where Bank employees interact with clients in real time.

With its refined and futuristic design and giant screens gracing the picture window, Laurentian Bank’s recruitment centre represents a truly original and dynamic concept that, like the Bank itself, is totally oriented around the client.

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