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Ædifica redesigns of the facade of Complexe Desjardins

It's official! Ædifica will work with Complexe Desjardins property managers on a major facelift of the outdoor patios on Sainte-Catherine street and the renovation of the lobby leading to food court from Jeanne-Mance street. The new façade will feature heated patios topped by a glass roof along the restaurants facing Sainte-Catherine street. The area will be transformed into 11 white framed urban lodges, which can stay open eight months a year. Each will accommodate up to 20 customers. Ædifica will also guide the Complexe in devising a strategy of priority entrances and the digital integration of its Grande-Place street events.

Other projects Ædifica in the Quartier des spectacles include:
- The Wilder - Espace Danse (under construction), in partnership with Lapointe Magne
- The 2-22, in partnership with Gilles Huot Architectes
- La Maison symphonique, in partnership with Diamond & Schmitt
- The Place des Arts Salon urbain, in partnership with Sid Lee

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