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Sustainable development report

We are proud to sign our very first annual sustainable development report following our commitment to the Global Compact a year ago. This report describes and evaluates our firm's efforts in implementing the ten founding principles of the UN Global Compact.

In September 2017, the firm began a process of transparent evaluation and reporting of its sustainable development activities. This process is based on an articulation of the guiding principles of the United Nations Pact (UN) with the internationally recognized indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This requires an analysis of the company's materiality, as recommended by the GRI, i.e. a portrait of the situation, the mechanisms in place and the performance obtained.

This engagement process has provided us with the opportunity, over the past year, to implement different strategies to achieve our objectives; it has also allowed us to appreciate several measures that we had already put in place and that we can now celebrate. This provides a solid basis for our continued commitment.

This first report raises awareness of the work that remains to be done to be an agent of change in society; but it is an essential milestone and a solid foundation for the transformations that must take place to ensure the dignity, health and prosperity of all people.

*This report is based on data collected between 2016 and 2017.

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