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A first project for Ædifica in New York’s Hudson Yards

Inditex called on Ædifica to bring to life and implement their new Zara flagship store located at Hudson Yards in New York, the city's newest and latest retail & lifestyle playground, offering a sophisticated and renewed experience.

The two-storey area is impregnated with a modern design offering refined finishes and a monochrome colour palette. The space reflects Zara's new concept of contemporary finishes and stunning displays. With an area of 24,000 square feet, the boutique reflects the aesthetics observed in the most recently opened Zara stores offering a bright and minimalist space with glass walls, giving priority to a functional layout.

Teaming up with Ædifica to implement their vision for more than 20 years, we help Zara to bring their design to life. Through a very collaborative process with the internal design department, we are working with them on everything from design management and implementation to construction administration around North America.

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