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Ædifica announces new expertise in Placemaking and welcomes urban planner Samir Admo as its Director

Ædifica is expanding its integrated services offering with a new expertise in PLACEMAKING. In perfect alignment with the firm’s renewed vision, this key addition responds to the growing needs of clients for highly integrated, sustainable and inspiring mixed-use urban projects. It will deliver a personalized strategic consulting experience driven by Design Intelligence, data and “Brandscaping”. The new team will leverage our expertise in architecture, urban design, urban planning, planning, real estate development and landscape architecture to design urban ensembles of all types and scales.

Ædifica is proud to announce that seasoned urban planner Samir Admo will lead the team as acting Director. Samir has extensive experience in urban design and planning, heritage, community outreach and real estate. His unique outlook on urban matters has been fashioned by participatory design and inclusive development approaches, where he has designed and led citizen ideation activities, co-design “charrettes” and public consultations in order to create projects rooted in their respective communities. His “open-source” professional approach is therefore in perfect continuity with Ædifica's vision.

Several major mandates have already been entrusted to our new team, including the Renewal of Marché Central, and the new masterplan for Laval’s Cité des Biotechs; testifying to the power of our singular "Placemaking" approach. It allows Ædifica to bring to market a unique intelligence on urban and environmental issues that will ensure project success and help build a brighter future for our communities.

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