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Michel Dubuc speaks at PMI-Montréal symposium about his experience in Haiti

The sixth edition of the project management symposium organized by PMI-Montréal was held on October 6 and 7 under the theme “Project Management at the Core of Quebec Development.” On day two of the event, Michel Dubuc, President and founder of Ædifica, gave a talk titled "What I learned in Haiti". Charged with the construction of two Haitian hospitals and involved in numerous educational projects around the country, the firm encountered many project management challenges along the way. Michel’s presentation focused on the complexity of these challenges and the rich learning experiences that came out of them.

“In Canada, we have an environment that is very structured, defined by a legal framework, with conventions and codes. This is not the case there, as in other countries facing development challenges. And it forces you to always be on your toes to deal with what’s coming next. It brought us a new awareness of risk management. - Michel Dubuc at the conference on October 2015

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