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Kent Nagano showers praise upon the acoustics of the Maison symphonique

In an interview with La Presse last September, Kent Nagano explained how the hall inaugurated in 2011 had a profound impact on his orchestra. According to Nagano, the Maison symphonique allowed the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal to become fully aware of its identity.

"The acoustics make it possible to take risks, to play a piano inaudibly or fortissimo, where the volume is not high, but strong. There's no need to force the sound. The hall allows the orchestra's natural power to be expressed while remaining true to itself." Translation of an excerpt from Alain de Repentigny's article in La Presse

For Ædifica, which designed and built the Maison symphonique with firm Diamond Schmitt, hearing the renowned conductor praise its auditorium five years after its inauguration is like a dream come true. From the start, the goal of the project was to create a concert hall with variable acoustics of exceptional quality, where the OSM could develop its sound and identity, in addition to becoming a major player on the international stage. It seems the firm and the OSM have reached their goals!

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