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Unveiling of the 4th Space designed by Ædifica

Designed by Ædifica, Concordia University’s new 4th Space, at the corner of Mackay Street and De Maisonneuve Boulevard West, offers the first-ever street showcase dedicated to promoting university research and experiential learning opportunities in Canada.

Open to the general public, the new 1,500 sq. ft. space offers a wide range of university projects, events and workshops that can be alternated according to needs, thanks to GRID’s modular furniture. This furniture allows the versatility of the place through its flexibility allowing to personalize the space according to the desires of the occupants. The result is a sharing of cutting-edge research in an interactive and engaging environment that differs significantly from a more traditional and static academic setting.

"The concept developed was conceived to allow the space to be in harmony with its surrounding environment, acting as a showcase for its academic activities to the general public. This is why we have installed large glass entrances that can be deployed in good weather as a garage door connecting 4th Space to its outdoor environment," explains Stéphane Bernier, Director at Ædifica’s design studio.

Since 2014, Ædifica’s team has been supporting Concordia University in all its projects, from design to implementation.

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