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Desjardins: new service area in the heart of Montreal

On May 7th, 2018, Desjardins unveiled a unique financial services center. Located at the corner of St-Catherine and Peel in the heart downtown Montreal, the new service center proposes a forward-thinking approach to retail banking and showcases all of Desjardins’ financial services in an innovative and unique customer experience.

From the ground floor to the basement, the customer journey is organized around different venues and touchpoints developed in function of distinct financial services and projects. From the entrance greeting to the presentation of financial products, the client is guided through a journey punctuated by casual lounges and semi-private consultation areas ensuring confidentiality and tranquility as the client navigates through his experience. Unique attractions of this concept, the Desjardins Montréal Centre-Ville incorporates a digital art and a living green wall. Central biophilic element, the green wall unites the two levels contributes to the well-being of the occupants.

With the support of Massivart, New media artist Daniel Iregui was commissioned to create an interactive experience that use technology to evoke the movement and rythme of water rippling on the surface of a river, further reinforcing the natural theme of the space. Developed with algorithms, the artwork continuously evolves based on the ambient sound measured in the space and the pedestrian traffic on the street.

Ædifica is proud to have collaborated with Desjardins in the development of this new space that embodies Desjardins’ mission of innovation, community engagement and sustainable prosperity.

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