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Ædifica shares its vision of design with the Magazine Intérieurs

Ædifica exchanged views on design DNA with the Magazine Intérieurs for their issue 79 on Branding & Design.

Michel Lauzon, Samir Admo. Mélanie Pitre, Sylvain Hardy, Gina Iaquinta, Myriam Boutin, and Stéphane Bernier shared our vision and approach to design through 5 major topics:

1. The brandscaping approach to create outstanding environments.
2. The client at the heart of the process to ensure a better appropriation of the space.
3. Ædifica establishes a meaningful dialogue between the place and its users, and introduced an authentic “brand environment”.
4. XL Brandscaping is an approach that better anchor these living environments into their surroundings in a way that is significant for users (Quartier des spectacles, Silo no 5, Revitalisation Val-Martin).
5. Retail rethink at Ædifica (Psycho Bunny, adidas et Caisse mobile Desjardins).

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