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Ædifica joined the Quebec initiative for sustainable building materials

In June 2017, Ædifica joined the Quebec initiative for sustainable building materials.

By publicly lending its support to the initiative, Ædifica hopes to encourage local manufacturers to keep pace with the International Transparency Movement.

Transparency movement

In 2015, several American architectural firms created a movement advocating for greater transparency on product content on the part of manufacturers.

In line with the imminent LEEDv4, we will be required to specify projects, products and materials that are accompanied by a Health Product Declaration (HPD) or an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

In other words, it is no longer enough for a product to contain recycled material or claim to have low VOC. Going forward, manufacturers will need to be more transparent and provide third-party verification and internationally recognized statements for their products.

In short, they must guarantee beyond any doubt that the product is environmentally friendly and not harmful to the health of a building’s occupants.

This U.S.-led movement is called GreenWizard.

Quebec decided this year to follow suit and address the insufficient transparency on locally manufactured construction materials. The Quebec chapter of the Canada Green Building Council joined 15 architectural firms to voice concerns and urge the industry to transition towards greater transparency. Through its involvement in the efforts, Ædifica reasserts its role as a green building leader and sustainable development trailblazer.

Read Ædifica’s letter.

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