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Ædifica, proud to be carbon neutral!

Ædifica's commitment to sustainability remains at the core of the company more than ever. On this Earth Day 2021, Ædifica announces that it is now a carbon neutral company and unveils its most recent sustainability report following its adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact.

In 2017, our collective joined this global process of evaluation and declaration of transparency of its activities related to sustainability. The outcome would give birth to the annual report of sustainability according to ten major principles, we must not forget that the collective has always carried the values of sustainable design,with for example the First industrial green building in Canada, the Locoshop Angus. From the beginning, we wanted to make a difference for humans and the planet.

Since 2017, the first year of our report, Ædifica has reduced GHGs per person by nearly 85% and for the year 2020, this overall reduction extends to 100% considering carbon offsetting.

"At the end of an extremely atypical year for all communities, the pandemic has perhaps, more than ever, made us aware of the interdependence of ecosystems, and of our paradoxical fragility in a world of technological advances that are nevertheless unprecedented [...] More than ever, humans, organizations and the planet are inseparable in their search for balance, fulfillment and longevity” declares Jean-Pierre Généreux, President and CEO of Ædifica.

Click on the link to access the sustainability report – FRENCH only

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