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Ædifica named finalist in STM's métro car project

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) unveiled it’s seven MR-63 Project finalists. Ædifica is pleased to announce that its audacious idea — recycling first-generation metro cars into key components of a unique, multifunctional building complex — is among the seven.

Ædifica’s plan will breathe new life into the first-generation metro car. Its project celebrates Montreal’s world-famous underground and places the city at the forefront of design, urban planning and architecture. The mixed-use building would house commercial, office and residential spaces inspired by global best practices in urban development and sustainability.

The initial plan called for 60 MR-63 cars, but the number was reduced to a dozen at STM’s request. The new building will involve complex construction techniques, and structural issues are likely to occur, but the Ædifica team is eager to embrace the challenge.

Several partners and investors are actively collaborating in the process with Ædifica. STM’s selection and decision-making process is sure to spark discussions: the building’s site and uses are among items still to be determined. For Ædifica’s architects and designers, the project can only be meaningful if it is connected to urban life and public transportation. The estimated construction budget is $27 million and, based on current timelines, the building is set to open in 2019.

Unveiled in April at the biennial architecture exhibition, MONTRÉAL DU FUTUR, the MÉTRO project was introduced to the public in 3D. Watch the video.

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