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Ædifica Sud : support the process of rebuilding Haiti

ÆdificaSud was born from the desire to support the process of rebuilding Haiti by helping Haitian professionals in the field and allowing them to draw on the expertise and critical mass of Aedifica. This initiative is based on the belief that joint ventures are a privileged professional vehicle for exchange and sharing in order to support the management challenges of reconstruction by Haitian businesses.

ÆdificaSud is a consortium of architects that consists of three entities that combine exceptional knowledge of Haiti, the ability to respond effectively and in a sustainable development perspective to the challenges of the time. The team consists of 130 employees in Montreal and Port-au-Prince. The consortium was founded in order to help rebuild Haiti by supporting Haitian architects on the ground, in terms of logistics and capacity to deliver. Thus, three entities have agreed to join forces. They operate as a joint venture under the name ÆdificaSud.


Angle 2e et 3e Impasse Lavaud
Port-au-Prince, Haïti
T. Haïti +509.2945.2929

606, rue Cathcart - Bureau 800
Montréal (Québec) H3B 1K9 Canada
T. +1 514 844 6611
F. +1 514 844 7646

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