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Ædifica at the International Retail Design Conference (IRDC)

Ædifica will be a part of the International Retail Design Conference (IRDC) on October 1st, where retail’s most inspiring though leaders will assemble in Boston.

Marie Lamontagne, Senior Designer at Ædifica in charge of Psycho Bunny’s new retail environment concept at Adventura Mall in Miami, will be presenting design intelligence as a way of embracing chaos, and coming out ahead in a rapidly evolving retail environment.

In April 2018, Pycho Bunny, a rising men’s fashion brand, tasked Ædifica, with creating a pop-up store by September. The mandate quickly evolved, with Ædifica taking on the creation and production of permanent stores, a franchise store, shop in shops, exhibition kiosks and more - within only 6 short months. In traditional architectural practice, this would have been a recipe for chaos and disaster. And yet, the work is a success, executed at breakneck speed with a new brand that is still in the process of defining itself.

The presentation will address what made it possible – and what it could mean for the practice of retail architecture and design.

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